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fire pump/index

  • Diesel Fire Water

    Diesel Fire WaterFeatures Cast iron, duct alloy, carbon steel, zinc free bronze, silicon brass or stainless steel construction (other materials available on request) High efficiency double suction impeller Durable, low noise, long life bearing Premium quality mechanical seal Electric or diesel driveRead More

  • High Flow Split Fire Water Pump

    High Flow Split Fire Water PumpThe Depon® S serial single stage double-suction centrifugal pump has the high head, large flow characteristics, widely used in engineering. It is late-model energy-saving horizonally spilt pump newly developed by us on the base of the old style double suction pump at home and abroad.Read More

  • Submersible Fire Pump

    Submersible Fire PumpThe Depon® WQ series sewage pump is a kind of hydraulic mechanism which motor connects directly with pump. It is used for delivering liquid contained sand, coal conder solid etc.. The pump can be mainly employed in clearing the mud in lake, river, sea and widening channel etc. It also can be applied to clear out sewage pool; in building site, steel wokrs and power station and so on, the pump adopts excllent material, advanced structure, and it is with wide flowing passage&strong delivery ability. The hydraulic parts are wear-resistant. The pump isyet completed with control unit.Read More

  • Diesel Fire Fighting Pump

    Diesel Fire Fighting PumpDiesel Fire Fighting PumpRead More

  • End Suction Fire Water Pump

    End Suction Fire Water PumpThe Depon® IS centrifugal clean water pump is single stage suction cantilever centrifugal pumps. It used to deliver corrosive liquid which not containing solid particles and similar to water in viscidity. It featured by wide range of performance, high efficiency, superior standardzation, easy maintenance etc. SEND INQUIRYRead More

  • Centrifugal High Head Multistage Fire Water Pump

    Centrifugal High Head Multistage Fire Water PumpIntroduction: Depon D series multistage water pump is a widely used system of high-pressure pump, run hot and cold water as a booster pumps in parallel water supply of the high-rise building, fire, boiler feed water and cooling water systems and a variety of irrigation fluid conveying. Type D...Read More

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