“There are a lot of great developers in Vietnam, a country of a lot of talents. Nowadays, if they create an app and sale it to the World, we can pay them – said Andrew Mcglinchey, Product   Manager – Google Southeast”

Honestly, after Flappy Birds was released last year, it really put the Vietnamese games community on the map with its huge success, people started to attract to those game developers in Vietnam. They do not even know that Vietnamese game developers have been around long before Flappy Bird and Dong Nguyen brought attention to the country.

Senspark is one of top 10 Technology startup companies in Vietnam, founded in 2011 by Lam Ho and his partner, Duc Nguyen. Until now, there were many games had released and getting over 10 millions downloads in over the world. Some of their games you should not be missed out are Gold Miner, Shoot Dinosaur Eggs or Lines 98. Senspark chooses to focus on mobile games on Android and iOS platforms instead of making apps as they believe that with a solid team and a goal to build qualified games, they can be a successful indie in Vietnam.

Lam Ho used to work for several companies before starting up his own business. Successful did not come to this young man for at least twice and Senspark was launched with all his passionate and effort. He finally figured out, it would be much more difficult running an indie with wrong co-founder. That was the reason why he asked his ex-college friend – Duc Nguyen joined him to build Senspark.

Setting up a business with a small starting capital, lacking experiences about marketing, accounting, tax and management, there were so much difficult to come. It was also hard for Lam and Duc to identify the vision for company and they started making mobile apps. Afterward, they both realised that they needed to find out what was their anchor product and games were finally chosen.

Talking about Senspark’s games, there would be a big mistake if missing out Gold Miner with two versions Classic and Deluxe. This game becomes to the company’s most popular game which gain over 5 millions downloads until now and five hundred thousand active user per month. Moreover, Gold Miner still holds the record of having the company’s most daily downloads – 10 thousand – even more than two years after launch. In fact, Senspark focuses on making free games using on mobile and all they get from this business is selling the advertisements which mainly shows from full-screen pop-up in the game. Gold Miner may familiar to many users as it is simply easy to play. All you need to do is try to collect gold and hidden treasures in a period time to get points. Once you got enough points then you can move to higher liver which is time to time harder. You can also considerate using your points to buy bombs and stuffs to destroy taken stones which appear at the higher level, in other hand, you might want to keep points for easier passing next level.

Similar to Gold Miner, Senspark also have some other funny easy games such as Shoot Dinosaur Eggs or Lines 98. They all were made for those who want a classic game, easy to play, entertaining and able to share with friends, especially, free to get. By defining target market, Senspark avoids competing with those big game companies which are making 3D games, complex and beautiful graphics. Thus, having a position in mobile casual game market such a big success to the team until now, said Lam Ho – Senspark’s founder.

Recently, Senspark has been working on a new project – launching a new version 1.7 for Gold Miner and creating a new game Roll & Eat, version for Android, expected to launch on a next few months. One thing to note about Senspark’s games is they are almost free-to-play, the design is also really nice and you can always share them with friends.


From several peoples since stating up, Senspark team now have ten staffs in total, they are all young and passionate on casual game making. Running a business with a creative, dynamic and faithful team is one of the most powerful of Senspark. Lam and Duc are always trying to push their team by giving them a strong motivation, sharing company’s vision and mission.


For making games, Senspark not only have four creative game client developers, but also have for their own two wonderful artists, who responsible for company game graphic design. Under supervising from board of directors, they design game graphics from a scratch to production. Thus we can easily understand why they have such really nice design games to launch.

Said in an interview for television reporting, Lam advised that there were so many difficulties since the company had founded and to be honest, not less mistakes that they had made. Suffice to say, when there were several Vietnamese’s casual games was launch and getting a big amount of downloads over the world on 2012, Senspark invested to create a brand new casual game for international market, a lot of money was spent but sadly the result was deep under expected. The lesson was they rather made a mini game which familiar and easy to play than something beyond their abilities.

Other mistake was when Flappy Bird suddenly famous and then be removed by its creator – Dong Nguyen, there were many developers made the clone version of it and Senspark was one of those. Finally, they realised that it was unprofitable then stop making it immediately. Senspark had definitely learned that they should not follow the trend when lacking knowledge about it.

Despite of many difficulties ahead, Senspark completely can keep growing with those missions they have been figuring out by such a passionate and creative team. Let’s see how amazing their next game – Roll & Eat.

Author May Trang