The International Women’s Day, March 8, is a day all over the world dedicated to honor the great merits that women still dedicate daily to the country and families across the continent. The day that the men always give half of the world deep feelings and gratitude with the wishes of March 8 or the gifts of 8/3 meaning.

On the International Women’s Day 8/3, on behalf of the Board of Directors, male colleagues in Senspark Co., Ltd, I send to the female officials, female customers, … the most respectful love and best wishes. Wish you always healthy, happy, full of happiness and success at work and life.

Some pictures of activities that were highlighted on March 8 of the company:

Each male colleague gave a gift fresh flowers for our beautiful women to show respect and love.

After that, we got some mini game to make the atmosphere more excitement. And the winners are two youngest and newest members of the company_ Linh and Thao, have excellently achieved the highest score and won 2 valuable gifts.

March 8 ( International Women’s day ) is not only an opportunity to help us show love to the women in the company, but also helps the company members get closer and have memorable memory <3.