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Imagine a life in your work place where you are very comfortable, freedom to think and create.
Imagine your work is to do for millions of people playing.
Imagine a work place you could mix up work and entertainment.
Above points that we aim to build up our company.
We locate at 298 Ung Van Khiem st., Binh Thanh dist., Ho Chi Minh city, one of the most active city in Viet Nam.
At Senspark, we play fooball to reduce stress, build connection in team.
Frequently goto cinema together.
We are feeded up by many fruits, snacks, drinks, instant noodles
You manage your working time somehow to guarantee 8 hours a day. If you can come to late and entertain, you should come back late.
You fully take responsibility how to solve your task, we leader only show you directions.
You join young and active working environment. All team now are 8x generation.

That’s us, Senspark family!