Company culture is becoming a more important aspect of the workplace. Now more than ever, companies are going all out to provide a wonderful experience for their employees. The focus has shifted to making sure they’re happy, engaged and having fun at work. After all, it’s a big factor when choosing where to work. Having fun is key to effectively managing and improving employees’ productivity as it contributes directly to your company culture. It also improves teamwork, builds better trusting relationships and can help increase retention rates.

Because understand the importance of company culture, in January 19 2019, Senspark Co., Ltd organized for all staffs to have an interesting teambuilding trip in Vũng Tàu coastal city. Here, the collective activities and attractive games have made all the members extremely excited and burnt out.

Let’s review the special activities of this trip:

First day, all members gathered at 7:45 at Senspark Company at 242 Ung Van Khiem, and brought the prepared equipment into the car.

After that, Our first stop before arriving at the campsite was “Lamb Hill”, a new shooting spot in Vung Tau, attracting many tourists.

This is our cute photographer, because she wanted to give us many beautiful photos, so she wasn’t present in many group photos. Love ?

It was so beautiful that day, so we had a lot of pretty pictures.

After leaving the sheep hill, we continue our journey to Vung Tau coastal city, the specific destination is Zenna Pool Camp. It is beautifully decorated and close to the sea, so we can sit on the sand and watch the sea.

Although there are many different activities, we are all completely enjoy the sea atmosphere. Let’s see!

A game of ball
Greatest man in town?

Many thanks to our two big bosses for creating this wonderful trip!

That night, we had a barbecue party at the beach and a spectacular campfire afterwards. A lot of fun games and activities, all members give a helping hand to prepare in excitement. That makes us close to each other.

A table full of food?

The next morning, after finishing breakfast, we had to pack our bags and set off for Ho Chi Minh City. A short trip left us with many happy memories, and increased the bond between the members of the company.

Come back after the trip, we found that we had a lot of energy to work and many beautiful memories together. By now, We’ll work hard and look forward to the next team building trip.