Seven years may not a long time but it is enough to see how Senspark has changed from the beginning.

Many people said that gaming developers are dry as toast, but is it true? Making a decision to become a gaming developer, this means that each game created is something likes a brainchild of the whole team, no matter if it can be a success or a failure, we always pay attention on every detail from production to marketing progress or graphic design to development. Looking at each team has tried their best to complete the deadline for schedule, we are always proud of being a part of Senspark.

“WORK HARD PLAY HARD” is our guideline. After each project, we always have team building activities together in far away destination. Some members go with their families, others go alone, but we share the moment together. It can be said that these trips make us understand each other better, making conflicts in push-ups at work is no longer a distance.

Today is the end of 2018, wishing our new version of the game such a success, wishing the friendship brotherhood in the company last forever. Especially, we always follow the “strongest game in the world” goal, that’s all.