Our memory in the 7 years ago, gold miner became a legendary game. Until now, we have to say that our team used to develop many different games, but the first gold miner game is reminiscent of childhood the most. However, in order to give game players plenty of choices and upgrade to a better version, so Vegas appears. Vegas can be considered one of our most successful versions up to now.

And in 2019, which aims meet the expectations of players, we are going to launch World Tour version which is the most perfect, most advanced version ever. Game feature:

  • 12 beautiful destinations in the world, which are not only discovering new levels, but also contributing to increasing your geographical knowledge.
  • 216 different challenging levels.
  • Join an epic tournamental PvP competition which cannot be seen from previous gold digger version.

Gold Miner is not only a game, but also a journey for every person of Senspark to work tirelessly. Welcome to the completely newest version!