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Stickman Battle 2021: Stick Fight War

Stickman Battle 2021 Stick Fight War

Stickman Battle 2021 Stick Fight War

Fun and addictive stickman fight mobile game that features elements to hit strategy gameplay. You have to upgrade military forces by mining gold, improve the skills and weapons of your stickman or use extra tools to defeat the enemy stickmen. Destroy the statue of the opposing country that using strategy and magic power of stick figures : Miner, Sword, Spear, Archer, Wizard and even Giant. Complete the game by destroying all armies of the enemy to capture Territories.

Release Date:

25 July, 2020


  • Variety of Stickman characters :
    • Miner
    • Sword
    • Spear
    • Archer
    • Wizard
    • Giant
  • Massive weapons ( armory) with ability to increase power of stickman of your units:
    • Miner harder
    • Swordman rage
    • Healer
    • Rain arrow
    • Spear madness
    • Golden spear
    • Statue turret ,Griffon .
  • Excellent 3D graphics, realistic physics and amazing sound effects
  • Over 500+ challenges in game mode with the ultimate skills of stickman in stickwar.
  • Replay feature in a game can definitely enhance the player experience.
  • Gifts of skins, avatars or coins every three hours, daily and weekly.
  • Amazing gameplay with a combination of strategy game, action game and casual game
  • Different upgrade way & 200+ items with an amazing upgrade system.
  • 3 challenging Levels for you to challenging:
    • Medium
    • Hard
    • Hell 


Main Mode: Campaign

  • Combination of new features and graphics that add to the core gameplay of the original Stick War.stickwar
  • Build miners to gather precious gold and gems which you can use to purchase stickman warriors : swords, spear, archers, wizard and giant.
  • Increase the fighting capabilities of the armed forces and then defeat enemy stickman in the war by using your strategy.
  • Destroy their stronghold to pass the level.
  • Each level that player complete will get the amount of coins to upgrade their stickman army.
  • Capturing more territories and unlocking more unitsStrategy game, Action game, Casual game and fun stick fight
  • Play Stick war to test your strategic thinking to the limit.

Can you conquer the stick world and be a King in the war of Stickman ?

Walkthrough Stickwar: