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The jungle is full of foods for our cute monkeys and bears. One problem: obstacles prevent the animals from their favorite treats. Try to find the path that leads them to bananas and honey jars and more.

***Game play:
Help the animals roll to their food. Monkeys eat bananas, apples and pears & bears eat salmons and honey. Wood blocks are breakable while stone blocks are not. There are more game items come with in-game instructions as the game progresses.

***Game features:

UNIVERSAL: iPhone, iPhone retina, iPad and iPad retina, iPod touch… Different graphics sets to fit all of your devices. Enjoy the crisp characters on your retina displays.

3 EPISODES with 54 LEVELS There are 18 levels in each season Spring, Autumn and Winter. Each one has different game items and thus different strategy to feed monkeys and bears.

UNIQUE GAMEPLAY with BRAIN-TEASING FUN Interact with the environment to help the animals roll. Difficulty increases as the game progresses. Even when levels are already cleared, you can come back later to earn 3-star badges. Also try to finish the game as fast as possible to get highest scores.

AWESOME GRAPHICS and SOUND Feel the graphic details and the well-blended sounds. Three different environments and all are so lively. Characters’ cuteness is unbearable.

GAME CENTER Submit highscores and challenge your friends for more fun.